I would like to say you have the best pricing for Omni replacement cartridges of anyone on the web. I looked at other sites and find yours the fairest when it comes to pricing and service. Keep up the good work and I will continue to do business with you in the future.

T. Castaneda
King, TX

      We were looking for a good water conditioner for our second home in the mountains. The Aqua-Doc is what we feel is going to work best on our home since I can install the system and it has no maintenance which is what I really like. Thank you for all your help.

Bob Mays
Chatsworth, CA

      You have a choice of all the three major automatic swimming pool cleaners, and your pricing is great. I also appreciated your help with selecting the correct cleaner for our pool. The knowledge you have about the different cleaners shows you have been dealing with them for some time and have a good working knowledge of what they can do.

J. Quinn
Rocky River, OH
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